If You Were Falsely Convicted, Then Work with a Criminal Appeals Lawyer Near San Antonio, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Do you feel like your case was not properly argued? Were you falsely convicted of a crime because of an error during your trial? Then, you need a direct criminal appeals lawyer. Daniel De La Garza is the criminal appeals attorney you need. I understand the stress of the situation you are in because I have done many criminal appeals. I am a criminal defense lawyer that is well trained when it comes to criminal appeal cases near San Antonio, TX. Our office knows this is a difficult process. So, we work hard to fight for your freedom. Call us today for a free consultation with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

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It is next to impossible to get a direct criminal appeal from a jail cell. So, you need a qualified criminal appeals attorney on your side to regain your freedom. There are two types of appeals in Texas law. First, is a direct appeal. A direct appeal relies on the information taken from the court case to find evidence worthy of a retrial. If you hire our team for this type of appeal, we will work endlessly through the transcripts and evidence of your trial. Our criminal appeals lawyer knows the fine print and can help you understand your options to get a retrial in San Antonio, TX. As the victim of an unwarranted criminal conviction, it is your right to a retrial to prove your innocence. So, if an agency has ruled against you in a violation of the court contact our office today for a free consultation.

The second avenue for an appeal is through habeas corpus. Habeas Corpus is a Latin term that means “you shall have the body”. Which means, you are born with liberty and if the government removes that liberty they owe an explanation. Using Habeas Corpus in a court of law is generally confusing and requires a lot of legal procedure. Some ways this can be used are if new evidence is provided for a case, or if a witness has recanted. So, if this is the avenue you want to use for an appeal you need a strong criminal appeals lawyer in San Antonio, TX.

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Daniel De La Garza proudly serves the San Antonio, TX area. We have been active in Bexar County for years. If you need a qualified criminal appeals lawyer in Texas, we diligently serve the following areas:

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Appeal lawyer cost varies based on the amount of work that needs to be done on the case. So, the easier your appeal is in terms of work hours the cheaper it is. However, Daniel De La Garza understands the financial struggle of attempting an appeal in court. You have already gone through a trial, with all of the fees that come with it. So, give us a call today for a free consultation and we can discuss your appeal lawyer costs. In conclusion, I am the top appeals lawyer in San Antonio, and I will fight for your freedom.

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