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If your bond has been set out of your means and you need to be bailed out, Daniel De La Garza is here for you. As one of the most experienced local bond reduction lawyers in San Antonio, TX, I am ready to fight for your ability to post bond. Because you need an attorney that understands the details of placing a motion to modify bond conditions in Texas.

There are a few strategies our firm uses for bond reduction in Texas. Our team knows Texas bail bond laws well, and we have experience with these kinds of cases. So, if you live near the area of San Antonio, TX and need your bail reduced call our office today for a free consultation. Because you deserve the right to get your affairs in order during the legal process. Don’t spend any more time in a jail cell, reach out to us for support.

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Motion to Modify Bond Conditions in Texas

A motion to modify bond conditions in Texas can mean a few things. As a bond reduction lawyer, I will explain all of your options in our first consultation. The following conditions of bail are able to be modified in San Antonio, TX if the judge allows.

  • The amount of bail.
  • Travel restrictions.
  • No contact restrictions.
  • Drug or alcohol testing.
  • No possession of firearms.

However, the most practical modification in Texas is a bond reduction due to strict Texas bail bond laws. In order to convince the judge who previously set your bond high to lower it you need a strong argument. This comes with evidence backing up your argument. So you want to have an accurate account of your finances available. This includes pay stubs and W-2 or other tax forms that show regular employment. Ideally, you want to have evidence of regular employment that shows you cannot reasonably pay your bond. If you need a bond reduction lawyer in San Antonio, TX we are the team for you.

After you have your financial documents, get in contact with a bond reduction lawyer if you haven’t already. Daniel De La Garza has had years of success in reducing bonds in the San Antonio, TX area. At this point, our team recommends finding character witnesses to help validate the following ideas.

  • You are a benefit to the community.
  • Your bond reduction in Texas will not make you a flight risk.
  • Having strong ties to your family.
  • Gainfully employed.
  • Lived in the area for a long time.
  • Having no criminal record.

Essentially what the judge wants to know is if upon release you are going to run away or commit more crimes. So, my job as your bond reduction lawyer is to assure that you are not. This leads to a successful motion for a reduced bond in San Antonio, TX. So if you need help sorting out the paperwork and argument for a reduced bond, call our office today.

Get Assistance with Texas Bail Bond Laws

Texas bail bond laws can be confusing. Also, surprising charges can result in high bond prices that are out of your means. The purpose of a bond is to assure that a defendant shows up in court, not to punish people of low income by making them stay in jail. So, we will work together and go over your finances to propose a fair bond that the judge should agree with. If you need a motion to modify bond conditions in Texas, you need someone to comb through the fine print. In conclusion, you need a team with attention to detail that will craft you a proposal that will get approved.

The stress of being charged with a crime is already high. So don’t spend an extra day in a jail cell that you could spend properly defending yourself or figuring out your personal life. So, if you need a bond reduction lawyer, give us a call for a free consultation in San Antonio, TX.

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