Have You Been Accused of Capital Murder in San Antonio, TX or the Surrounding Areas?

Being accused of murder is a serious offense. So, if you have been charged with murder you need a death penalty defense attorney immediately. Texas has the death penalty which changes the way that court functions. Death penalty lawyers need to understand not only the original court system but also what happens when you plead guilty. There are key differences between a death penalty case other crimes. So, if you need a murder defense lawyer in San Antonio, TX contact Daniel De La Garza. Your freedom and your life are an important right as an American citizen. Also, it’s important to realize the stress that these kinds of cases bring upon you and your family. Contact our office for the quality defense you deserve.

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Cases of this nature are each unique. Our death penalty lawyer will work harder than the prosecution. I am the defense attorney you need when the death penalty is on the table. I can say with confidence that I have the ability to defend you in a court of law. The strategy for a case like this has two parts. First, we want to win the initial case by either proving innocence or explaining why the incident was not capital murder. Second, we have to convince the jury that you deserve life. What that means is that, if you are convicted, you need to show the ability to grow and change.

If the jury is convinced that you will never learn from your past, that is when the death penalty becomes a threat. So, if you need a murder attorney in San Antonio, TX give our office a call.

Capital Murder vs Murder

There is a difference between capital murder and murder. Capital murder occurs when any of the following scenarios occur. First, if the defendant kills a peace officer or fireman that is doing their job. The defendant must also know that they were a peace officer or fireman. Second, when the murder occurs during the course of committing or attempting to commit another crime, such as kidnapping or robbery. The third is if the homicide is a “murder for hire” situation. Fourth, if the homicide involves multiple victims. Finally, the fifth distinction for capital murder is the murder of a child 6 years old or younger. So, if you are convicted of capital murder your options become imprisonment for life or the death penalty. Death penalty lawyers need to have complete knowledge of the system in order to deal with such a delicate case.

The way a capital murder case works in Texas is different from any other crime. That’s due to the fact that if you plead guilty, the jury will receive a list of open-ended questions. The honest goal of this questionnaire is to determine whether or not the accused party lives or dies. With repercussions this severe, you need a murder defense lawyer that will stay calm and collected. Daniel De La Garza is a well trained and experienced lawyer in the area of San Antonio, TX.

Our team will do everything in the confines of the law to prove you innocent. With a crime of this magnitude, you need someone who will put in the time to defend your life. So, give our murder attorney a call if you find yourself in this situation. I am the death penalty lawyer that will fight for your right to live free.

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