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If you are the subject of a domestic violence case, emotion levels are high. That’s why you need a domestic violence lawyer that can keep a level head and defend your rights. Daniel De La Garza is a prominent domestic violence attorney in San Antonio, TX. Charged with domestic violence? Quickly pick up the phone and call a Texas criminal defense lawyer. Do not speak to the police or anyone else before speaking to a trained criminal attorney.

There are many strategies for domestic violence defense. As this type of crime can be emotional, often suspects are arrested with little to no evidence. Our team capitalizes on this to keep innocent people out of jail.

Daniel De La Garza is an attorney with extensive experience in domestic violence law. His office is proud to represent San Antonio and the surrounding area. If you live in or near any of the following communities, call our domestic violence lawyer today for a free consultation.

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Defend Yourself with Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The impact of a domestic violence charge can reach further than the courtroom. Your personal and professional reputation is on the line during these types of cases. Arguing with your spouse can quickly evolve into restraining orders, protective orders, or orders to move out of your home. We aim to prevent this from happening without just cause.

Here is an example of a situation we see often. First, an argument begins that is loud enough for people outside the house to notice. Then, a call is made to the police. The police arrive and are ready to arrest with little evidence.

Even if the spouse opposes, the police arrest their subject. Then, the court charges him with domestic violence. Then, you need a Texas domestic violence attorney.

If you run into a situation like this one, there is a possibility of jail time. If you are in the San Antonio, TX area, you need a domestic violence lawyer you can trust. Our firm will outwork the prosecution every step of the way. We focus on the fine details and help you understand the law. If you need a strong domestic violence defense strategy in San Antonio, TX we are the team to help.

Call to Speak to a Professional

Keep in mind that domestic violence cases are not always based in truth. There are many personal situations that lead to false accusations. Some examples of these are an upcoming divorce, a current custody battle, or someone cheating on another person.  When this happens, you become a victim of the court system.  So, our domestic violence attorneys are here to defend your rights.

Another way that a domestic violence case can be absolved is through a waiver of prosecution. Essentially, this happens when a mistake has been made and the victim of a crime does not want to prosecute. This is essentially a recommendation on behalf of the victim to the court. This cannot automatically get a case thrown out but can influence the prosecution’s decision.

Often when we see these cases, it is the court vs. a family rather than a victim vs. an abuser. As a Texas domestic violence lawyer in San Antonio, TX, it is my duty to preserve your rights and freedoms. Our domestic violence defense strategies are customized to your situation. Need a domestic violence attorney you can trust? If so, give our office a call today.

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