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When the court of Texas charges you with drug trafficking, first time offender or not, you need a strong defense lawyer. As your criminal defense attorney, I have a lot of experience with drug crime defense strategies in Texas. The Texas Controlled Substances Act is the main reason for drug trafficking charges in Texas. That law adds marijuana cases to the list with the rest of the controlled substances. So, if Texas courts charge you with drug trafficking you need a drug charge attorney that knows the law of Texas well. We all know that Texas is not kind to drug offenders, and drug trafficking will be listed as a felony. So, if you need help in the San Antonio, TX area call Daniel De La Garza today.

First, it is important to understand the levels of severity when it comes to these charges. As your drug crime lawyer, it is my job to give you an understanding of the law. Even first-time offender drug trafficking is a felony charge in Texas. From there, the degree of severity is dependent on the amount of drug you allegedly distribute, as well as the type of drug that you intend to deliver. If you are facing a drug trafficking charge you need a lawyer as soon as possible in San Antonio, TX. Felony charges are severe and can have lasting impacts on the rest of your life. My goal is to avoid a large prison sentence and get you back to living your life.

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Know Your Rights as a First-Time Offender

As your drug trafficking lawyer, it is my job to show you your options. First, you need to know about first-time offender drug trafficking programs in Texas. These programs give low-level nonviolent offenders a chance to get your life back on track. Texas is beginning to understand the impact of drug-related criminal convictions. So, Texas creates these programs for first time offenders. A felony conviction interferes with your ability to secure housing and legal employment.

So, call my drug trafficking attorney office today to get a free consultation and we can talk about First Offender Programs in San Antonio, TX. This is a great option for many of my clients. For example, if you are looking into higher education a criminal conviction will almost always stop financial aid from being offered. So, if we can get you into one of these programs we can help your future stay on track. For any questions or a free consultation contact our drug trafficking defense lawyer office near San Antonio, TX.

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I have a lot of defense strategies as a drug trafficking lawyer. In the statute of the Texas Health and Safety Code, the following are eligible defenses for a drug trafficking charge:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Mistake of Fact
  • Duress
  • The substance is not intended for human consumption.

So, let’s take a moment to dissect these. First, a lack of knowledge and mistake of fact. For example, you are on a job to transport sugar. Then, an officer pulls you over and discovers it is cocaine. Assuming others are involved in this operation, this can be a sound defense strategy in court. As your drug trafficking lawyer, I look for these avenues to argue. Second, duress is when you or your family are threatened if you do not commit this crime. The drug world can be unforgiving, and we see these cases frequently. So, if you acted in defense of yourself or your family, we can use that in the courtroom. Finally, there is a niche area where the substance being transmitted is not intended for human consumption. If you believe this is the case, contact us today for more information.

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