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A drug charge can be serious in San Antonio, TX. Texas politicians have built a system that is tough on drug crime. So, you need a drug possession lawyer that is going to help you navigate the law. As your drug crime attorney, I will defend your rights and help protect your future. Prison populations have jumped because of the way Texas treats drug-related crimes. Penalties for the possession of a controlled substance in Texas vary based on the quantity and the type of drug crime committed. The three primary drug crimes are possession, delivery, and manufacturing. In other words, whether you had the substance, or sold the substance, or made the substance. If you need a drug crime lawyer in San Antonio, TX contact Daniel De La Garza today.

When it comes to possession of a controlled substance in Texas, you need a drug possession lawyer that will pay attention to the details. That is because the way your crime is classified, and the seriousness of the charge are both based on numbers. Remember, if you are charged with a class B misdemeanor you are most likely facing probation, which will take away your driver’s license and make your life considerably more difficult. Another example is students can get refused financial aid if convicted with possession of a controlled substance in Texas. So, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer that can defend your drug crime case properly. Don’t waste any more time searching for drug charge attorneys; I can help you from the first phone call.

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Drug crimes can be a misdemeanor or a felony based on the seriousness of the crime. However, most drug-related crimes in Texas are felony charges. So, if you are caught with drug possession in San Antonio, TX you need a competent drug possession lawyer. While the law may be strict on drug possession, we have strategies to help with your possession of a controlled substance charge in Texas.

One such strategy comes into play on marijuana charges. So, we all know this is a hot button issue in American presently. There is a booming legal industry in Colorado for a substance that carries a Class B misdemeanor in Texas. I have found on many of these cases that juries are not against marijuana, the law and the court system is. We can use this to our advantage. We also find that often officers of the law believe they know the signs of marijuana but have not been near the substance in years. All of these strategies weave together to form our argument that you are not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So, if you need a drug possession lawyer near San Antonio, TX call for a free consultation.

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If you are searching for drug lawyers near you, that means someone you know or you yourself are in a bad situation. You need a strong drug possession lawyer if charged with a drug-related crime in San Antonio, TX. Daniel De La Garza has been serving the following communities for years and is ready to pick up the phone.

If you live in any of these areas of Bexar County, or any of the neighboring counties we can help you. I am a qualified and experienced drug possession attorney that can help you win. With your future and your family’s security at stake, you need the right drug possession lawyer. So, contact me today for a free consultation.

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