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DWI and DUI charges can be serious. That is why you need a trained DWI attorney in San Antonio, TX. As a San Antonio DUI lawyer, I understand your situation well. From the very first phone call, we will begin assessing your situation and the right strategy for your case. Daniel De La Garza is the go-to DWI lawyer in San Antonio.

When it comes to a DWI charge emotions can be high. Fear and doubt can fill your head while you scramble for your footing. Let us help you get back on your feet and get this charge behind you. As your DUI attorney, I am honest, reliable, and ready to provide you with the support you need. So, work with me to find the best strategy for your case.

Boiled down, a DWI defense comes in three parts. First, is the stop completed in accordance with law? We look into police records to determine whether your fourth amendment rights have been violated. Then, in order for a traffic stop to be valid, the officer must have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. That means the officer needs to articulate his suspicions and those suspicions must be reasonable. So, the officer needs to explain themselves thoroughly and with objective details. Oftentimes that does not happen. As your criminal defense attorney, I will look for weaknesses in the officer’s testimony and furthermore the case as a whole. We do this to prove that there is a reasonable doubt you are guilty of the crime. Remember as the defendant, you do not have to prove your innocence.

If you need a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer, I am ready to defend you today. That is because my firm is proudly based out of San Antonio, TX and serves Bexar County. We serve the following communities:

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As your San DUI lawyer, I search for evidence of an illegal stop. After the traffic stop, as the DUI attorney, I look at the initial arrest. So, I argue whether or not the arrest was constitutionally valid. Another term for this is probable cause. The two primary places this comes up in an arrest is the preliminary breath test and the sobriety field test. Also, an important thing to know about this is that it is up to the judge’s discretion. Different judges have different criteria for probable cause. So if the judge deems your stop or arrests unconstitutional, usually the DUI and all related charges will be dropped. In brief, it is my job as your DUI lawyer to pursue these avenues.

Finally, we attack the fact that all of the evidence combined does not equal to above a reasonable doubt. This can involve all sorts of factors that are personalized to your case. However, we do always check the machines that the blood was tested in to see if there are any malfunctions. Even if there is no evidence that your specific test is flawed if the system has made mistakes before this can help your case. So, if you need an assessment and consultation call today.

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Everyone knows DUI lawyer costs can be expensive. Court fines and fees are high. So, I am a DUI attorney that will do my best to save you money in San Antonio, TX. We do that by being transparent on costs, and not including hidden fees. San Antonio DWI attorneys understand that you don’t always know what you’re getting into with legal services. Therefore, some take advantage of that by hiking up cost and not giving you the information you need to make the right choice. Here in the offices of Daniel De La Garza we operate differently. We have experience and respect for our clients that you can’t get elsewhere. So if you need a consultation on a DUI charge, I am the San Antonio DWI attorney that is here to help.

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