Are You Facing Felony Probation Violation Near San Antonio, TX or the Surrounding Areas?

When speaking to your criminal defense attorney, he mentions that jail time is a possibility if you violate probation. But, he may not explain to you how easy it is for a judge to send you back to jail in San Antonio, TX. The difference between a felony probation violation in Texas and a criminal charge is vast. Most importantly, there is no jury involved. So, you need to appeal directly to a judge to avoid jail time. This means you need a lawyer with experience. I have experience with the judges in the area. I also have experience with the solutions to the problems that the San Antonio, TX area courts consider in these situations. So, if you need felony probation violation answers, contact me for a free consultation on your case.

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What is Considered a Probation Violation?

Felony probation violations can put a lot of stress onto your mind in San Antonio, TX. Assuming you just finished a jail sentence, the last thing you want to do it go back. First, you need to understand how a violation occurs. A violation can occur from the following issues with your probation.

  • If you fail a drug test.
  • Not checking in and attending appointments with your probation officer
  • Not completing community service
  • Unable to pay your fines, fees or court costs
  • If the court charges you with a new criminal charge
  • If you do not stay away from drugs and alcohol
  • Not going to your treatment or counseling as required

If any of these previous situations apply to you, that constitutes a violation of your probation. After being found in violation of your probation, you have the right to a Probation Revocation Hearing. If this is the direction you want to go, you need a qualified lawyer. I can offer some information here. However, if you want detailed felony probation violation answers you need to consult with a lawyer about your specific case.

Daniel De La Garza offers free consultations on probation and parole violations. Lawyer fees for probation violation can be financially draining after a felony case in court. Here in our office we understand this financial burden and work quickly and efficiently. We are upfront and honest on costs in the first consultation. Our team does our job well to save you money along the way. In conclusion, if you need felony probation violation answers in San Antonio, TX look no further than Daniel De La Garza.

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Did the court of Texas charge you with a felony probation violation in San Antonio, TX? If so, you need a lawyer that understands these laws well. Daniel De La Garza can give you felony probation violation answers. When it comes to Texas felony probation, there are a lot of numbers to consider. Because a probation violation can have a range from six months in state jail up to life in prison. With such a vast range, it is my job as your lawyer to get you a fair shake in court. Lawyer fees for a probation violation differ based on the case, so call today for a free consultation. Facing a Texas felony probation violation? Then, you need the support of a trained lawyer. So, contact my office today if you leave near San Antonio, TX.

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