What is a Grand Jury Investigation?

A grand jury investigation differs greatly from a standard trial. This is for many reasons and offers some advantages and disadvantages for a defense. One key distinction for a grand jury trial is that it is more flexible. So, the goal of the prosecution is to explain the law to the jury. After that, the jury questions any witnesses they feel need to testify for the sake of the case. As your grand jury lawyer, Daniel De La Garza will inform you how to proceed with your trial in San Antonio, TX.

The prosecution uses a grand jury trial to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. As your defense attorney, it is my job to ensure you are properly prepared for this grand trial. If a grand trial goes to the defendant, then traditionally a case is dropped by the prosecution. This type of investigation is designed to see if there is enough evidence for a criminal charge to be brought against a defendant.

Work with a Qualified Attorney

A grand jury traditionally numbers between 16 and 23 members. Although a verdict is separate from your primary trial, it can be a strong indication of the direction that trial will take. You need a grand jury lawyer that understands this process and can walk you through it in San Antonio, TX.

Another important thing to note is that grand jury investigations are secret in San Antonio, TX. What that means is that the trial is not open to the public. So, after this pre-trial takes place, you need a component grand jury lawyer to gain any copies of the hearing transcripts. So, if you need a strong grand jury lawyer in San Antonio, TX contact my office today.

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What You Need to Know About Grand Jury Investigations

First, you need to understand your status when it comes to a grand jury trial in San Antonio, TX. If a complaint is held against you and you are detained, the court system of San Antonio, TX has to either have a preliminary hearing or release you from custody. First off you need to understand which of three roles you play during a grand jury trial. These three are the target, subject or witness. If you are the target of a grand jury trial the prosecution is trying to uncover evidence that would warrant your conviction. You can think of the grand jury investigation like a test before the actual trial. The prosecution tests the waters of evidence and witnesses to determine if a criminal trial is worth it. So, you need a strong defensive lawyer to give you the information you need going into a grand jury investigation near San Antonio, TX.

Sadly, it is very rare for a grand jury defense lawyer to be able to address the jury. So I spend this time thinking like the prosecution to determine their plan of attack.

From here, I prepare you for the upcoming trial. If the grand jury calls and you are not the target, you are the subject or witness. In general, the witness is a first-person account of events, and they are not under suspicion for the crime. The number of witnesses in your average case depends on the prosecution’s case.

The final role in a grand jury case is the subject. The subjects are “persons whose conduct is within the scope of the grand jury’s investigation”. This means they are involved with the investigation in a direct way. But, the prosecution has not yet decided to charge them with any crime.  The only way to discover this information before trial is to contact the prosecutor directly. So, if you have been subpoenaed for a grand jury investigation, it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney right away.

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