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If you are in need of a post-conviction relief attorney, Daniel De La Garza is here to help. You simply can’t trust the court systems of San Antonio, TX with your freedom. A proper post-conviction lawyer will help you right the wrongs done during your trial. Here is an example: you are in court for a misdemeanor. You are speaking with your post-conviction attorney and he claims that you will receive probation if you plead guilty. So, you put in your plea. After that, the judge ends up serving you a jail sentence. In this sort of case, a proper habeas corpus lawyer has strategies to remedy your situation.

Whether you have been sentenced improperly, or new evidence has appeared in your case, I am the post-conviction lawyer ready to work with you.

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Are you searching for a post-conviction lawyer in San Antonio, TX? My office is ready to help you navigate the court system. At every stage in a court proceeding, I advise getting yourself quality legal representation. Without proper knowledge of the law, you will be taken advantage of, and your life could be at stake. I am the post-conviction attorney in San Antonio, TX that can help you today. As a habeas corpus lawyer, I pride myself on honest and open practice. When you hire me, you get results. I’ve spent years scouring through the details of post-conviction law. So, I know the tools of the trade required for lighter sentencing and getting a fair deal.

Have you or a loved one been given an unjust punishment by the court system of San Antonio, TX? If so then contact my post-conviction attorney office today for a free consultation and estimate. I know I am the best post-conviction lawyer for your case. That is because of my attention to detail and the ability to break down the prosecution. So, no matter your interaction with the court system, you want to be knowledgeable. I believe I am the right post-conviction lawyer to help you get back on track with your life. So, give my office a call today for more information.

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If you need a post-conviction attorney in Texas you need me. I have been based out of San Antonio, TX for years and have been defending the citizens of this community well. Being a post-conviction attorney essentially means that I am the last line of defense between you and prison. I would not take these cases if I was not confident I can win them. Whether you are looking for a jail sentence to turn into probation, or a guilty conviction into an innocent one, I am here for you today. I am the post-conviction attorney with the qualifications and determination to preserve your freedom. The best option when the court of Texas gives you a severe penalty is to contact a post-conviction relief attorney.

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