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If there is a single universal truth, it is that kids make mistakes. Daniel De La Garza is a juvenile criminal defense lawyer that believes in second chances and protecting the innocent. When the court of Texas charges you or a loved one it can have serious penalties. So if you or your child need a juvenile criminal defense attorney, you need one with experience. This area of law is relatively niche, and there are specific details and strategies only used in these cases. I have the experience as a juvenile attorney to help get your child’s future going in the right direction. So if you need an expert juvenile lawyer, consult with my team today near San Antonio, TX.

If the court charges you with a crime as a juvenile, it can be a slippery slope. One stay at a juvenile detention center can lead to many more, due to the environment of these areas. I do not believe in punishing children with penalties that ruin their future. If your child has been caught up in a legal case, I am the juvenile lawyer that will vouch for them in San Antonio, TX. I have a history of caring for my clients, because I believe in securing a legal and fulfilling future for them.

The original purpose of the court system was to help reform people accused of crimes. However, it is not often that this is the result. As a juvenile attorney, I vouch and support community service and mental health programs over detention centers and prison time. As a juvenile lawyer, I focus on getting my clients a fair deal in court.

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My job as your juvenile defense attorney is to look at your case with detail. First, we consider possible legal defenses and a possible resolution. Some of the possible resolutions are dismissal, deferred prosecution, jury trial or a plea deal. After that, consult with the child to determine how the incident went and how to get on the right path for a successful future. As I mentioned previously, juvenile defendants that plead guilty often go on to commit more crime. So, my goal as a juvenile attorney is to break the cycle. Then, we can get you or your child set up in programs and get your mental health evaluated. As a juvenile lawyer, this helps us build a strong case that harsh punishment is not justice. I take these cases to heart because the youth of San Antonio, TX should not be trapped in a broken system.

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You need a juvenile defense attorney because a juvenile court trial works differently from a standard trial. First, after being charged with a juvenile crime, a juvenile probation officer calls your home to conduct an interview. Take note, this interview is important. As a parent, you need to mention positive information about your child without being prompted. The character, behavior, and personality of the child all factor into how they are perceived by the court. As a juvenile lawyer, I help build the best image of your child for the jury.

A modern insight is that courts now ask to look at social media accounts to search for illicit activity in their messages. You need a juvenile attorney to prepare you for that. As your juvenile attorney, I work hard to fight for your future. Children are easily susceptible to their environments and peers, so mistakes happen all the time. My goal as a juvenile criminal lawyer is to help my clients build a better life outside of the legal system.

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