Manslaughter is a Serious Crime; If You’re Accused, Protect Yourself with Help from a Manslaughter Defense Lawyer Near San Antonio, TX and the Surrounding Areas

If a court of Texas charges you with manslaughter, you need a criminal defense lawyer immediately. These criminal charges carry heavy penalties if found guilty. So, you need a level-headed criminal attorney to defend yourself. I have experience with many involuntary manslaughter defense strategies. So, the prosecution does not have to determine intent only that the defendant acted in a reckless manner. There are three strategies at the core of involuntary manslaughter defense in Texas. If you live in the area of San Antonio, TX you need Daniel De La Garza on your case.

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Work with a Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer to Defend Your Rights

It is important to have a manslaughter lawyer on these cases because they are 2nd-degree felonies. This means that the conviction ranges between 2 and 20 years in prison. The difference between a 2 year and a 20-year sentence is staggering for your life and your future. So, you need the best manslaughter attorney in the San Antonio, TX area. The prosecution must prove that the defendant recklessly caused the death of the victim. The difference between this case and homicide is that intent does not need to be evident. These cases are also difficult to dismiss due to the court system wanting to vindicate the victim’s family.

This type of trial is emotional from witness accounts and the nature of the crime. However, as your defense attorney, I stay level-headed to fight for your innocence. Because it is your right as an individual to freedom and a proper trial. So, we look at your case to prove that you were not reckless and unlawful. The key difference between manslaughter and a horrible accident is unlawful and reckless intent on the part of the defendant. Although the loss of life is a horrible thing, that does not mean you are guilty. Accidents happen constantly in the world, and it is my job as your manslaughter defense lawyer to determine if your case was one.

Get Solid Involuntary Manslaughter Defense Strategies

Involuntary manslaughter defense come in three types. First, there is the insanity defense. This is one that is talked about often in the news and media. But, it actually happens often in real court. So, in some cases, we do screenings to provide as evidence. This is to see if the defendant is stable. Second, as an involuntary manslaughter lawyer, I commonly use self-defense. This can often happen if people are intoxicated and easily provoked. Finally, there is the heat of passion Texas involuntary manslaughter defense.

I am the manslaughter defense lawyer that has options for you in San Antonio, TX. The heat of passion defense is built on the idea of terror, rage or fear. This type of strategy works well. That is because a prosecution will often charge you with manslaughter if they lack the evidence to prove a homicide case. So, your case is going into court with a lack of evidence. That means when you are innocent you have to appeal to the jury’s emotions. This helps them understand the situation from your point of view.

As your manslaughter defense lawyer, I will construct a narrative of the incident. You are not a murderer, and this was an accident. So, our narrative focuses on the emotional impact of the situation on you. This helps the jury understand why the incident happened in the first place. As your manslaughter attorney, I search the evidence to help construct the best idea of what happened that day. Involuntary manslaughter is a serious crime in Texas. However, there are strong defensive strategies to help you maintain your innocence. Call today to learn more and get a free consultation.

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