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Cannabis is a hot button issue in today’s politics. Where an officer in Colorado might high five you on your way out of a dispensary, a Texas officer will slap you with a drug charge for having weed on you. So, if you have received a drug charge for marijuana, you need a marijuana defense attorney. It is important to remember that Texas is not a legalized state, and a drug offense can have serious consequences. Daniel De La Garza is an experienced drug possession lawyer near San Antonio, TX. My office offers free consultations, so give us a call today to discuss your case.

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In Texas, the smallest amount of weed can land you in jail. Whether you are from outside the area or not, I can defend your case. I am a marijuana defense lawyer because I do not believe that the punishments the court hands out for marijuana are just. My office is based out of Bexar County and proudly serves the area around San Antonio, TX.

You need a qualified criminal attorney because a drug charge can be carried around for life. Even if you live in a legal state and you are visiting Texas, you can face jail time. To sum it up, the sooner you get a marijuana defense lawyer the better chance you have. Cannabis should not stop you from gainful employment. Contact us today for more information.

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There is no reason to put someone into jail for a marijuana offense, since it is a waste of state and police resources. However, the State of Texas treats these offenses seriously. Even the first time, you can be fined and set up with probation. Then, if you offend again you may be sent to jail. Politicians of Texas still label weed a “gateway drug”. However, you will find that juries have become more lenient. The people of Texas are not afraid of marijuana, at least in general. It is my job as your marijuana lawyer in Texas to build the proper narrative for the jury.

A marijuana charge in Texas is a class B misdemeanor. Because of this being convicted will make you lose your license. It will also make you ineligible for financial aid. So, my defense strategy is to argue your case aggressively. Like I said previously, juries are not against weed in San Antonio, TX. I will look at the details in your case to find solutions. An interesting example is that often the field test will show a different weight for the drug than at the police station. Discrepancies like these are great to throw the case into question. When facing such a strict court system on these charges, you need to be creative. In summary, I have the skills and experience you need to get the court of Texas off your back.

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