What is a Motion to Revoke Probation?

A motion to revoke probation in Texas will occur when the defendant is under suspicion for violating probation in the San Antonio, TX area. The probation revocation hearing process can be difficult and hard to win. This is because in a normal trial the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. However, MTR probations only have to have a preponderance of the evidence. Which means they need very little evidence to find you guilty. So, if you need a strong criminal defense lawyer to argue your case, contact Daniel De La Garza.

The way a motion to revoke probation in Texas charge works is straightforward. First, you go to court. Then, the court finds you guilty and you get probation. After that, the court will give you a number of rules to follow. If any of these rules are broken, your probation officer will go to the judge. Then, the judge agrees to investigate and the court generates a motion to revoke, MTR, probation in San Antonio, TX. From here, you need a strong criminal defense lawyer on your side. A motion to revoke probation in Texas can be dangerous, and without proper defense,  jail time is common. However, I believe that you are innocent until proven guilty and will help you with your MTR probation in San Antonio, TX.

Probation Revocation Hearing Process

If you are called to an MTR probation hearing, you need a strong lawyer near San Antonio, TX.  I can help you understand the probation revocation hearing process. When the court charges you with a motion to revoke probation in Texas, it means you have allegedly violated one of the following rules.

  • Don’t pick up any new charges
  • Report to probation monthly
  • Staying drug and alcohol-free
  • Paying your fees
  • Doing your community service

So, if the court system believes you have violated a rule you will be charged with an MTR probation. What that means is you can be taken into custody. While in custody, it is up to the judge’s discretion to set a bond or not. Judges have a range of bonds in San Antonio, TX. So, it depends on your situation. If you sign up with our firm, we initially try to stop the arrest from being made. If it is too late for that, I file documents with the court to get you a fair bond set. Once you are out, we get to work on MTR probation preparation in San Antonio, TX.

Work with a Qualified Attorney

A motion to revoke probation in Texas is also referred to as MTR probation. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will coach you through the MTR probation hearing. From the moment of arrest, your probation revocation hearing process will begin in four days. So, if you work with me I will work hard to get you out of jail as soon as possible so we can prepare. There are methods in which my office can have your MTR probation hearing dismissed before we even enter the courtroom. So, consult with a lawyer on probation violations, even for a misdemeanor offense. By violating probation one small charge can turn into a much more serious penalty.

So, if the court system charges you with an MTR probation hearing do not hesitate. Call Daniel De La Garza, a qualified criminal defense lawyer, today. We offer free consultations and estimates. Unfortunately, quite often a motion to revoke probation in Texas will be the first step in a two-part process. So, it is possible that we go into the MTR probation hearing and you are charged. From there, you move into a probation hearing which I also have experience with as a criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, TX.

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