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No matter what stage you are in the court process, you want to consider a parole lawyer with experience. Parole is the intermediary stage between a prison sentence and being free, so you need a lawyer that can help this transition go smoothly. When a jury decides to convict, you need a parole attorney in Texas. This is another skill set that proper parole attorneys have because at the end of a conviction not only are you given jail sentencing but a parole sentencing as well. So, if you need a parole lawyer in Texas you need to contact Daniel De La Garza today. My firm is proudly based out of San Antonio, TX.

As a parole attorney in Texas, I focus on a side of the law that is not common. First, it is important to note that parole and probation laws are entirely separate from other criminal law. So, it is found in executive law. I am the parole attorney that can help you today, I look into the details of your case to discover what your probation should be, and how long it should be. If you hire me as your parole lawyer in Texas to work at the beginning of a case, I will fight for your innocence. However, if the jury still finds you guilty I make sure that your punishment is not extreme or unfair. This is because I find so often that the court system treats people without a proper defense poorly.

With the way our legal system works, you need a parole attorney in San Antonio, TX to defend your rights. So, contact my probation attorney office today for a free consultation.

What Does a Parole Attorney Do?

A parole attorney will involve themselves in every stage of a case. However, most commonly you want this expertise in two scenarios in San Antonio, TX. First, if you are charged with violating probation. The second is when you are found guilty of parole violation and are given an unfair punishment. Keep in mind, any lawyer that you hire on a case that may involve jail time should have a knowledge of the parole system. This is due to the fact that the court system can deal out ridiculous punishments if not put in check.

So, if the court of Texas charges you with parole violation, you need the right parole attorney in Texas. In order for the court of Texas to issue a parole violation hearing of the following needs to happen.

  • Committing a crime while on parole.
  • If the court believes you left the boundaries of your parole.
  • If a parole officer tests you positive for drugs or alcohol.
  • Being in contact with particular people from your trial.

If you are in a situation where the court charges you with parole violation, you need a parole lawyer as soon as possible. So, why are these hearings so difficult to get a favorable outcome from? That is because there is no need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in San Antonio, TX.

Work with a Qualified Parole Attorney Today

Texas bail bond laws can be confusing. Also, surprising charges can result in high bond prices that are out of your means. The purpose of a bond is to assure that a defendant shows up in court, not to punish people of low income by making them stay in jail. So, we will work together and go over your finances to propose a fair bond that the judge should agree with. If you need a motion to modify bond conditions in Texas, you need someone to comb through the fine print. In conclusion, you need a team with attention to detail that will craft you a proposal that will get approved. 

The stress of being charged with a crime is already high. So don’t spend an extra day in a jail cell that you could spend properly defending yourself or figuring out your personal life. So, if you need a bond reduction lawyer, give us a call for a free consultation in San Antonio, TX.

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