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If the court of Texas charges you with probation violation, you need a lawyer to assist you. Daniel De La Garza is a probation violation attorney proudly based out of San Antonio, TX. If you have violated your parole, or are being accused of doing so, you need to understand the penalties. Texas is not light on these types of cases. That means that probation can turn into a jail sentence. However, this is not the only outcome. That is because a proper probation revocation attorney can argue for penalties such as house arrest, instead of jail time.

Do not let one offense land you in jail. If you are found guilty of violating your probation, you can receive the worst sentence for your crime. This can and will happen because violating your probation is an indicator to the court that you are not going to reform. So, my goal as your probation violation lawyer is to create a strong defense strategy. With these cases, you need to build a narrative that the violation was a mistake. If you show signs of malice in the courtroom, you will be heavily penalized. It can be hard to stay on the straight and narrow in certain environments. As a probation violation attorney, I understand that people make mistakes and need a break to get on the right track. That is why I am a probation revocation attorney that works hard for your right to freedom.

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Why Might You Be Accused of Probation Violation?

Some of the common reasons the court of Texas will charge you are the following:

  • Failing to attend court-ordered therapy/treatment sessions
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol
  • Having the court charge you with another criminal offense
  • Missing your community service hours.

Being honest, these cases are tough to win. That is why you need someone with experience. As the top probation lawyer near you, I fight for your rights every step of the way. Lawyer fees for these cases can be abused by untrustworthy probation violation lawyers. So, I am an honest and transparent probation revocation attorney from the first time we pick up the phone. Contact my office today for a free estimate on lawyer fees for a probation violation. Are you facing a hearing? If so you need the right probation violation attorney for your needs.

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When searching for a probation violation attorney, you need someone who is trusted by their community. I have been proudly serving San Antonio, TX as a probation lawyer for years. When you need a probation revocation attorney, you need one that has solutions. So I consult personally with every client to make sure they are getting what they need from my service. As a probation violation lawyer, I pride myself on my respect for my clients. If you need a probation lawyer near you, my office in San Antonio is ready to defend your freedom.

When you are summoned for a hearing, you need a strong probation violation lawyer. Unlike a regular trial, which uses beyond a reasonable doubt, these hearings do not. The judge only needs a preponderance of the evidence. What this means is roughly 51% certainty. So, you need a competent probation lawyer near you to help you understand your options. The court of Texas allows hearsay evidence at these hearings. Which means, an officer who believes you were under the influence can testify without any solid evidence.

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