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Do you need a sex offender lawyer in San Antonio, TX? Daniel De La Garza is a sex offender defense attorney ready to help you fight your case. Sex-related crimes can carry heavy penalties, so you need a lawyer that will fight for your rights. As a sex offense attorney, I comb through the evidence to determine strategies for the case. It is important to understand the penalties you may face if found guilty. Some possible options include prison sentences, a criminal record,  and an inability to pursue certain professions. So, when the state of Texas convicts you of a sex crime, it follows you for life. When it comes to this type of case, you need a lawyer quickly. The more time a sex offense lawyer has to prepare for your case, the better odds you have.

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It is important that your sex offense attorney understands how DNA evidence works. In modern times, most sex crimes rely heavily on DNA evidence at the scene of the crime. I am a sex offender defense attorney because I know that accusations do not mean guilt. So, if you need a sex offense lawyer to help you on your case, give my sex offender attorney office a call today in San Antonio, TX.

Sex crimes can vary from rape to prostitution. These cases often go to trial due to the nature of the crime. So, your sex offender lawyer needs to prepare you properly for court. When you consult with my office, you get an unbiased approach to determining your innocence. Another thing to know is that your phone information will be seized by the court. This includes photographs, text messages, emails and any other application that may have information pertinent to the case. So, you need a competent sex offense attorney to investigate this evidence and give you options. If you live near San Antonio, TX and the court charges you with a sex crime, you need a sex offense lawyer.

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You need a sex offender defense attorney that knows the strategy and methods to prove your innocence in court. I am going to share with you some of the more common defense strategies that I use as a sex offender lawyer. First is consent. Often these cases involve two subjects engaging in sexual activity and then after the fact a charge being filed. We find that often there is an agreement between the parties that removes the notion a crime was committed. It is also common that these types of cases get brought to court for a personal or emotional reason without much evidence at all to prove the charge in San Antonio, TX.

So, proper casework and the use of an investigator can help prove consent beyond a reasonable doubt.  I believe as a sex offense attorney, that the legal system should not punish someone due to a personal issue between two parties.  However, as a sex offense lawyer, I often find this to be the case in San Antonio, TX. 

sex offense lawyers

I am a well trained and experienced sex offense lawyer in San Antonio, TX. During my time as a sex offense attorney, I have noticed that cases like these often have insufficient evidence. Due to the emotional nature of these cases, a prosecution may not find evidence but still want a trial. Considering how serious the penalties are for this type of case, I refute their evidence until it is unsubstantial. Contact my sex offender lawyer office today for a free consultation and estimate on your case in San Antonio, TX.

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