Was Your License Revoked? Work with a Suspended License Lawyer Near San Antonio, TX and the Surrounding Areas

If your license has been revoked or suspended you need to act fast. The law states that you have 15 days to appeal for a hearing before your license is suspended by default. These hearings are called ALR hearings. ALR stands for an administrative license revocation hearing. I am the driver’s license suspension lawyer in San Antonio, TX that can help you today. When it comes to a drivers license revocation your home and your livelihood may be at stake. That’s why you need a suspended license attorney that knows how to help you reinstate your revoked license. Your freedoms are important. If you choose to work with me you should know, I am one of the best suspended license lawyers in Texas. I help translate the law into something easy to understand.

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Understand Your Rights

Your rights are important and you should have a complete understanding of what they are. You should know that reinstating your license after a year’s time can often involve testing at your local department of motor vehicles. This process can be confusing, but I’m the suspended license lawyer in San Antonio, TX that can help. There are many stages in the legal process where you can have your license suspended or revoked. It can happen at the scene of the incident, or it can happen after you have completed a sentence. Our counsel will tailor our strategy to your needs, and with a free consultation, we can determine the right plan for you. Every administrative license case is a bit different. So each unique case requires innovative solutions and I am the motor vehicle attorney that can offer those solutions.

Now is the time to call Daniel De La Garza for a consultation. The details of your case matter to us. Our team of drivers license suspension lawyers here in San Antonio, TX work hard to preserve American citizens’ rights. First off, we need to know if you accepted or declined the blood test offered at the time of the incident. From there we examine the evidence from the incident and create a strategy. If you decide to consult with the office of Daniel De La Garza we will do everything we can to reinstate your revoked license and maintain your rights as an American citizen in the area of San Antonio, TX.

Reinstate a Revoked License with Help from an Attorney

In order to reinstate a recently revoked license, you need to move quickly. You only have 15 days since the time of your incident to stop your license from being revoked or suspended. If you consult with a suspended license lawyer near you, you can request an ALR (administration license revocation) hearing. Before this hearing, the officer at the scene of your incident will be subpoenaed. This is beneficial for two reasons, the first being if they don’t show up. That’s because if the officer does not show up to your hearing, most often the suspension will be lifted.

If they do show up, we get to question them before trial. Either way, you will want an experienced suspended license attorney on your side. It is important to know that an officer of the law can revoke your license for the following reasons:

  • You have refused to take a chemical test (a blood sample)
  • You have accepted the test and tested 0.08 or higher
  • Or if you are under 21 years of age

When it comes to drivers license suspension in Texas, you want a lawyer you can trust. So contact Daniel De La Garza today for the best suspended license lawyer you can get in San Antonio, TX.

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