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If the court of Texas charges you with a business-related crime, you need a white collar crime lawyer. These crimes are non-violent and involve defrauding someone’s or something’s finances. These crimes are financially motivated. If you are looking for the top white collar law firms in Bexar County, TX, look no further than the law offices of Daniel De La Garza. I am a white collar crime attorney that combs through the evidence to prove your innocence. When considering white collar criminal defense strategies I discuss the situation with you first. From there, I investigate the evidence to determine possible solutions for trial.

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There are many styles of white-collar criminal defense strategy in Bexar County, TX. For example, duress. Duress occurs when someone forces someone else to commit a crime by threatening them. So, I use this strategy as a white-collar crime lawyer when there are other people in your situation that are provoking you to commit an illegal act. Another white collar criminal defense is intoxication. An example of this is if you are in an after-hours business meeting with your manager, and he forces a glass of whiskey on you. After a few glasses, he mentions some fraudulent activity and asks you to join. I am the white collar crime lawyer that can help you get these charges behind you. I operate the top white collar law firm in Bexar County, TX.

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The term “white collar criminal defense” encapsulates a lot of different crimes. The general idea is that you are motivated by money when committing the crime, and it was non-violent. This is where the concept of fraud comes into play. Fraud in the most simple terms is lying for financial gain. So, if the court of Texas charges you with fraud, it is important to have a white collar crime attorney on call. These crimes can also include regulatory offenses such as violations of labor and unfair trade practices. In the modern age of the internet fraudulent activity has become more common. The court of Texas charges these crimes quickly, and they often do not understand modern technology well. So, you need a white collar crime lawyer who understand modern technology and how to use it to your advantage.

With these types of cases, it is important for your white collar crime attorney to know how far the prosecution will go to prove their case. This is because these types of cases tend to be heavily involved. Which means they require a substantial about of resources from the state. So, if you need a white collar criminal defense lawyer, my office is the top white collar law firm in Bexar County, TX. These cases can drag out over a long period of time. So, in certain cases, the prosecution may drop the case due to a lack of resources.

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Do you need a white collar crime lawyer in Bexar County, TX? If so, my office is here to serve you. I have been a white-collar crime lawyer in the area for years. I operate the top white collar law firm in Bexar County, TX because of my attention to detail and fearlessness in court. Whether the court charges you with money laundering or some other style of fraud you need the best white collar crime attorney. Oftentimes someone higher up in a chain of illegal activity will get someone lower on the totem pole to “take the fall”. This can happen without you having knowledge of any criminal activity. In these cases, your freedom is of the utmost importance. So, call my office today for a free consultation in Bexar County, TX.

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